Mint-Infused Fresh Lemonade

Nothing is more refreshing than freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day…that is, unless you infuse that cold glass of lemonade with mint. This is our family’s favorite summer beverage! It’s simple & guaranteed to have people going back for seconds. This recipe is enough to make six quarts, which is enough for about 2 pitchers of lemonade. Ingredients 4 cups simple syrup (3 … Continue reading Mint-Infused Fresh Lemonade

Citrus Apricot Chicken Wings

“Chicken Wings and Pizza Night” became a weekly family tradition while I was working on my MBA a few years back. I was working full time and going to school on the weekend, so we needed some quality family time. It was fun to look forward to…but wasn’t great for anyone’s waistline so it was eventually relegated to a “special occassion” dinner rather than a … Continue reading Citrus Apricot Chicken Wings

Better Burgers on the Traeger

There almost nothing I like more than cooking out on my Traeger in our backyard. I use it nearly year-round and swear that it can make anything I cook taste 10x better. With one big exception. The first few times I tried cooking any meat I wanted seared and cooked quickly at a high temperature–think steaks, hamburgers, etc–I was sooo disappointed. My steaks turned out … Continue reading Better Burgers on the Traeger