Fresh fettuccine egg pasta

I avoided making fresh pasta for way too long. It looked too hard and required kitchen gadgets that were way too expensive. And then I went to Rome and took a pasta-making class at Pastificio Faini. It changed my life! Or at least my life in the kitchen. Suddenly, making fresh pasta became as easy as buying it from the store, and I didn’t need … Continue reading Fresh fettuccine egg pasta

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Amatriciana sauce

Seriously, keep this simple and take your time. I’ve seen so many recipes for this sauce online that overcomplicate it. What makes Amatriciana sauce so delicious is its simplicity–don’t cover up the taste of the guanciale and cheese with garlic, onions, basil, or parsley. Splurge on quality meat, cheese and tomatoes and forget the rest. This it the perfect sauce to let slowly simmer on … Continue reading Amatriciana sauce

Better Burgers on the Traeger

There almost nothing I like more than cooking out on my Traeger in our backyard. I use it nearly year-round and swear that it can make anything I cook taste 10x better. With one big exception. The first few times I tried cooking any meat I wanted seared and cooked quickly at a high temperature–think steaks, hamburgers, etc–I was sooo disappointed. My steaks turned out … Continue reading Better Burgers on the Traeger